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Who We Are

We’re Kaira, a small web company based in sunny Cape Town,
South Africa. Read More

What We Do

We build websites with WordPress. We also offer free & Premium WordPress Themes.

How We Do It

With over 10 years experience, we stick to top coding standards and keep usability in mind.

Why We Do It

If not for love then what’s the point… We love what we do and hope you love our work too!

Kaira is a reliable theme house, and this is an honourable edition to their collection. It offers a wide range of options and has been stable and usable

Focused on Performance & Speed

We built client websites… We built our own projects… We know how important Speed, Security & Usability are:

Stable & Secure

We follow WordPress standards to ensure your website is safe & secure. Plus we get it reviewed by top WordPress Reviewers to be 100% sure!

Built for Speed

Overlay is built to be lightweight and fast loading. Speed is very important on the web, so we be sure to pay attention to how fast it loads.

Lightweight but Scalable

Overlay is lightweight, offers all the functionality you need, and along with our recommended plugins, you can build any type of website with Overlay.

Only load what's needed

If you don’t use it then it’s not loaded… We only include the scripts, files and/or libraries that you choose to use when building your website.

Search Engine Optimized

Built to WordPress coding standards and using valid HTML, Overlay starts you off on good SEO practices to ensure that Google loves your website!

WooCommerce Optimized

Overlay loves WooCommerce too and offers deeper integration, to ensure you enjoy building your online store, IF that’s what you’re building.

Premium only costs $25 on sale right now!

Because we can’t bring ourself to charge $60 like other theme shops

After a little while, the price will go up!

Features you'll love about Overlay!

We’ve really built a lot into Overlay… Here are some of the main features you will find in the theme.

Full Color Settings

Customize the colors of pretty much everything in the theme from the header to the footer, link colors, content and widget colors and more!

Layout Control

You can select default layouts for your Pages, Blog lists and blog posts, plus adjust padding in the header, footer, content and widget areas.

Typography Settings

Select from loads of Google Fonts or you can disable Google Fonts and use only web-safe fonts… Overlay gives you full control of the fonts and their sizes

WooCommerce Ready

Overlay was built with WooCommerce and creating an online store in mind… We give you extra WooCommerce Settings that you’d usually need plugins for.

Page Builder Ready

Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer + more… Overlay works with them all, offering deeper integration to ensure you can use the one you love!

Hooks for Developers

You’re a developer? So are we… so we’ve also added hooks into the Overlay theme so you can easily add any extra code or functionality you may need. 

Translation & RTL Ready

With Overlay being fully translatable, you can easily translate it into your language or any other language you need. We also have support for RTL languages

Child Themes

Want to change the look of your site? Download and install any of our FREE child themes to change the look. Search our directory and find the one you like.

Fully Responsive

The Overlay WordPress theme is fully responsive meaning it scales down nicely to fit all screensizes and devices. You can also disable responsive if you like.

Customize Without Code

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use Overlay, with our Customizer settings you can customize everything. Plus we’re here to help if you do need to add code.

Dedicated Support

We’re here to help with anything you need advice on or support for using the Overlay theme. Get in contact and we’ll be sure to get back to you within our working hours.


All the settings are neatly built into the Customizer, so they have notes and are pretty self explanatory. Otherwise, we do have documentation posts as extra help.

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