I’m Zack… The owner of Kaira and developer behind the Overlay Free & Premium WordPress theme.

Here’s a bit of information on Overlay, Kaira and myself.

About Overlay

The Free & Premium WordPress theme by Kaira

Overlay is a free WordPress theme that focuses on Speed, usability and offers functionality to build your own website without any coding knowledge needed.

We also offer a Premium solution for only $25, as we can’t bring ourselves to charge $50+ like other theme shops. Premium offers a lot of extra functionality you will enjoy using to easily build and further customize your website.

We build Overlay to be the theme you can use to fully customize all elements of your website… With the settings all built into the WordPress Customizer, it’s easy to edit and change all the options and see the changes happen right there, before making any of the changes live. We hope you enjoy using Overlay!

About Kaira

The company behind themes like Vogue, Avant, Overlay & Guten.

Kaira started out as a partnership in 2010, offering¬†web design and web development services in Cape Town, South Africa… Building custom projects and websites from scratch, we’ve worked with some of the¬†most highly-regarded companies in Cape Town, which gave us a solid understanding of what it takes to build top quality websites.

In 2012 we started working with WordPress and started using it as the chosen platform to build all our client sites and personal projects.

In 2014, the partnership ended and Kaira became just Zack. Still working under the name Kaira, which is (means) the genus for the Orb-weaver spider, which builds the strongest web and often builds a new web each day, Zack started building WordPress themes using all his previous knowledge and web skills.

About Zack

The creator of Overlay and the only employee at Kaira

Hi, my name is Zack, the Owner and only employee of Kaira, and the creator behind the Overlay WordPress theme.

I live in sunny Cape Town, in South Africa and have been working in the web space for over 10 years and have worked with some of the top agencies to get only the best experience.

I do all the development and support for Overlay and all my other WordPress themes, so you get dedicated support… Contact me and let me know if there’s new features you’d like or anything else you may need help with.

Overlay was rebuilt from scratch using only the latest technologies so I’m really proud of it… And I hope you enjoy building with it.