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Editing Overlay Child Themes

June 11, 2019

If you’re wondering about further editing one of the Overlay Child Themes that we provide for Overlay, and/or if you’ll lose the changes when we post an update for the child themes… There are 2 ways to edit the child themes and make them your own without losing the changes with every update.

Edit using the Overlay Child Theme Customizations Plugin:

Using the Overlay Customizations Plugin, you can still receive the child theme updates that we post, and you won’t lose any of your own customizations that you add to the Child Theme Customizations Plugin. Read more on how this plugin works.

Install and activate the Child Theme Customizations Plugin via Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin in your WordPress Dashboard, and then activate the plugin.

Navigate to Plugins -> Plugin Editor and on the right of the screen select to edit the Overlay Customizations plugin.

Then select the relevant file according to the type of code you’re wanting to add to your website.

— Edit custom.js to add your own Javascript or jQuery code.

— Edit functions.php to add your own PHP functions.

— Edit style.css to add your own custom CSS code.

This plugin can also be used on the parent theme to add CSS, PHP or Javascript to your site.

Edit by increasing the Child Theme version number:

The other option is to edit the child theme version number in the style.css file.

This is not recommended as you won’t receive any updates that we post in the future, but it the site works for you as is and you don’t want updates to happen then simply increase the version number as below:

Theme Name: Child Theme Name
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme is a child theme of a parent theme
Author: Kaira
Author URI:
Template: overlay

Version: 1.0.0  ---- /* You will need to increase this version number to 1000.99.99 */

License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Tags: Tags listed here
Text Domain: child-theme

We recommend changing it to something like 1000.99.99.

Now this Child theme is yours to edit, style, add php functions and whatever else you’d like to edit in the Overlay parent theme.

Read more on Child Themes: