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Overlay Child Theme Customizations Plugin

May 31, 2019

This is a very simple plugin which lets you add your own CSS, PHP or Javascript to the theme without having to create a child theme or edit the theme files directly (not recommended).

To install this plugin you need to download it from the button link below and then install the plugin from the zip file you’ve downloaded.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can then navigate to Plugins -> Plugin Editor in your WordPress Dashboard and on the top right you need to select to edit the Overlay Customizations Plugin and then click Select.

Then, on the right you will see a folder /custom/… Open that and there will be the 3 different files to edit, depending which code you’re wanting to add to your theme.

Select the relevant file according to the type of code you’re wanting to add.

— Edit custom.js to add your own Javascript or jQuery code.

— Edit functions.php to add your own PHP functions.

— Edit style.css to add your own custom CSS code.

This plugin can also be used on the parent theme to add CSS, PHP or Javascript to your site.