Easily Install
Overlay for WordPress

Follow our simple steps to install the
Overlay WordPress theme.

First... Do you have WordPress hosting already set up?

By following these steps we presume you have already set up your hosting… If not, click “No” and we will explain steps on how to get set up with WordPress Hosting.

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Step 1

Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2

In the Dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Themes.

Step 3

Click Add New to search in the theme directory.

Step 4

Search for Overlay in the search bar.

Step 5

Install & Activate the Overlay WordPress theme.

Purchase Premium and keep going

Purchase premium now for only $25 and keep following the instructions

You have 2 ways to choose from, how to upgrade.

The simple way to upgrade Overlay is to delete the old free theme and then install the pro version from the zip file you would have downloaded after purchasing Overlay Premium.

WordPress will remember all your settings!

If you’re worried about losing settings as you do when changing themes, you won’t, because free and premium have the same name, WordPress will remember all the settings.

But if you still are then follow these instructions.

It is recommended to always backup your website, just in case!

Simply delete the old free theme and install Overlay Pro.

After you purchase Overlay Premium, you will receive a link to your account on Overlaywp.com.
There you will find a button to download the Pro version of Overlay.

Download the zip file and move it to your desktop so that you can easily find it.

Go to Appearance -> Themes

Delete Overlay FREE Version

To delete the free version of Overlay, you will need to activate any other theme… Then you will be able to delete Overlay free.

Upload the Overlay Premium zip file

Once you’ve deleted the free theme, you can simply upload the Overlay Pro zip file that you downloaded.

From Appearance -> Themes, select Add New -> Upload Theme -> Choose File, navigate to the premium file on your desktop and upload it!

Once that’s done uploading, you can then click Activate to turn on Overlay Premium.

Then navigate to Appearance -> Customize and carry on building your website.

Happy Building !!

Still not coming right here?

Install using the Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades plugin

Navigate to Plugins -> Add New in your Dashboard and search for “Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades“.

Install & Activate the Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades plugin.

This plugin will let you easily upload the Overlay premium theme and overwrite the free version.

The free version and the premium version have the same name,
and so WordPress will remember all the settings you’ve edited and you will not lose any settings you’ve already customized.

Install Overlay Premium from zip file

After purchase you would have downloaded the premium theme in a zip file.

In your Dashboard navigate to Appearance -> Themes (same as Step 2 & Step 3) and click Add New.

Upload the Premium zip file

Then click Upload Theme.

Choose File and navigate to where you downloaded the file and then click Install Now.

All Done!

That’s it!… You should see a message saying it was successfully installed.

The Easy Upgrades plugin creates a backup of the old theme and saves it to the Media section, just in case.

You can now delete the “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin”, as this is no longer needed.

Once that’s done, you can then navigate to Appearance -> Customize and carry on building your website.

Happy Building !!

Still not coming right here?