Overlay Premium

Overlay Premium comes with a bunch of extra settings, modules to use, more styling control and advanced layout options:

Premium Features:

All built to save you time and improve your Overlay experience!

Page Layouts to Import

We have a growing directory of Page Layouts for you to easily import from within the WP Dashboard and use as a starting point when building your site.

Advanced WooCommerce

Overlay Premium comes with extra WooCommerce settings to adjust layout and settings to further customize your online store as you want it!

Advanced Layout Settings

Premium also comes with extra¬† layout settings for the Overlay theme, to further customize your header, footer,¬† pages and more… to be exactly as you want.

Free Basic Slider

Overlay Premium includes a slider that you can use in the Header Featured area on your pages, or you can use it anywhere as a shortcode. Each Slider is also customizable.

Sticky Header / Navigation

Want your header to stay at the top when scrolling down? Overlay Premium lets you choose between a full sticky header, sticky navigation or a sticky top bar.

Menu Cart & Drop Down Basket

Add the WooCommerce cart to your navigation with one click, and choose the look. You can also select to display a full drop down basket showing the products in the cart.

Sticky Widget Area / Sidebar

Stick the Widget area or Sidebar to the page as the user scrolls down, making it always visible and clickable for the user. Only available in the Overlay Premium theme.

Social Icons - Brand Colors

Add your Social Icons to your website and further customize the design and look of them. Even change then to display as the brand color in the header, footer and/or side areas.

Customize Mobile Menu

Fully customize the mobile menu from layout (top / left or right layout) to editing all colors for all mobile menu elements. Make it look exactly as you want on tablet & mobile!

Blog List Excerpt Control

We give you an extra Excerpt / Shortened blog content control option. Set the number of words shown, and customize your own ‘Read More‘ text or add a button link to the post.

Customize Error 404 Page

Overlay Premium lets you further customizer your Error 404 page, easily customize the page layouts and upload your own Error image to let your users know if they’re lost.

Back To Top button

Enable the Back to Top button so your users can easily scroll the website back up with the click of one neat little button that appears when the user scrolls on the site.

Copyright / Attribution

Overlay Premium lets you customize the site copyright / attribution text at the bottom of the footer to add your own copyright text. Easily change it to whatever you need to display.

Add your own SiteBy

This is for the user building websites for clients and who want to add a “Site Built By” link. With 2 different design you will love this feature to link back to your website for credit.

More SEO Control

Overlay Pro gives you extra control over certain elements, letting you change the HTML tag, as a way of letting you have more control over your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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