Getting started with Overlay

The most lightweight and customizable WordPress theme by Kaira

Overlay is the latest WordPress theme built by Kaira… With this new WordPress theme we restarted from scratch and rebuilt the design and settings from the ground up… using all the latest front-end coding standards such as Flexbox, CSS and HTML all coded while focusing on speed and performance.

We hope you like it!

So you've installed the theme and are trying it out...

Or do you still need to download and install Overlay?

All of the Overlay Theme settings are neatly built into the WordPress Customizer, this is so you can edit your website in a live environment and then you can see all the changes happen live as you edit each setting.

You can also change the look of the theme!

If you’re wanting to change the look of your site, you can always try installing one of our Child Themes we offer. You can simply install the child theme while the Overlay theme is active and it will take on the new look.

And if you’re needing to add your own code to the theme but you can’t edit the theme files directly… Then simply install our Site Customizations Plugin to add your code there.

Download the Site Customizations Plugin


And you can watch our short video on how to add your own code if you need to:

Yes... There is a premium version which offers a lot more!

At the moment Overlay Pro, which offers lots of extra functionality, is on a special for $25 !

Purchase it now while it’s on special.

See how to install the Pro theme

After purchase you would have downloaded a zip file of the Overlay Pro theme.

See our video on how to install the Pro theme:

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We're here to help

Whether its coding help or just simple advice

We offer top quality support with the Overlay theme… If there’s anything you’re needing help with then have a look through our Documentation section, or get in Contact.